Can Your Sorcerer Do 1500+ DPS In The Elder Scrolls Online?

Making a good, functional build in Elder Scrolls Online is generally a bit of a challenging task. Unlike some MMORPGs The Elder Scrolls Online gives players multiple paths for each of the classes making builds highly customizable. Couple that with the fact that you can also use any gear on any character and you’ve got a a lot of different possibilities. For several players that can be a bit too much.


Perfecting a build for ESO can take hundreds of hours of testing and research before its fully optimized for DPS, Healing, or Tanking. Since the game is always changing you will also have to keep adjusting and testing your builds to keep them performing at there best.

If you do a quick search you will find any resources for finding sorcerer builds for ESO but most of these builds are not very good, the most you can hope for is 800-1200 DPS in trials or dungeons. If you use a well tested and optimized ESO Sorcerer PvE Build you ill easy be pumping out 1500+ single target DPS. If you want to get your hands on these perfectly created and optimized builds for all classes and play styles I highly recommend you take a look at ESO Mastery Guides, even the best players in the game use there elder scrolls online sorcerer builds.

ESO Mastery Guides has provided the very best ESO builds for every single class that we’ve come across. For every single class they have listed few different build types including leveling builds, dungeon builds, PvP builds, general PvE builds, and more. Using this method you’ve got a lot to choose from and can give them a try as you progress your character to find out which ones perform best for your own playing style. ESO Mastery Guides also updates there website with new builds every class often to keep pace with all the changes to the Elder Scrolls Online.

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